Real-Estate Shot Guide

Video CLIP Shot Legend

  • Scrape-Reveal (SR)
  • Flyover-Reveal (FR)
  • Towndown Boom-Up (TBU)
  • Topdown Flyover (TFVR)
  • Strafe-Boom (SB)
  • Forward Flyout (FF)
  • Boom-Up (BU)
  • Strafe (STR)
  • Arc (ARC)
  • Flyout (FO)
  • Flyback (FB)
  • Flyover (FVR)
  • PIC (picture)
  • HPIC (high picture)

If the shot is in the front - being the name with F, if the shot is in the back, begin the name with B


  • BLUE - picture (various altitudes)
  • WHITE - boom-up
  • YELLOW - below tree line altitude (5-10ft)
  • ORANGE - tree line altitude (10-40ft)
  • RED - higher altitude (40+)
  • Changing from yellow to red means increasing altitude
  • Smaller font means the shot is in the back of the house
  • Each line is marked with one or two shot types in white letters matching the shot list
  • Generally start low and close and fly out and up
  • Always be sure to watch for trees and obstacles when flying sideways (strafe, arc)
  • Always watch for other aircraft, birds and cars when in the front
  • Minimize flying over other peoples properties, especially low altitude flying
  • Shoot similar types of shots when there are other structures and features on the property (up to your creativity), throw in a mixture of shots (SB where there is a STR), a FF or SR through 2 structures... the sky is the limit


Back shot guide

Packages Shot List Breakdown

Always shoot more if you feel uncertain about the quality, since you can filter down the clips later when you review your footage. The goal is to build confidence and eventually know that you are capturing exactly what you need with a little bit extra.

The numbers below show the final amount of good quality photos and videos that we need to deliver to the editing team. You should aim to shoot over this amount in order make sure we have enough good quality content.

1 AEB picture will result in 3 pictures - these do not need to be named as it will mess up with our editing process


CINEMATIC AERIAL (formally Base+Feature, Base package is done): 10 AEB pictures, 10 video clips

  • Pictures: front and back each having having 3 pictures mid-altitude, 1 top down, 2 higher altitude pictures, and 2 closer in pictures of a feature
  • Video: front and back each having 1 ARC, 1 STR, 1 BU, 1 FB, 2 feature video shots (can be a FO, another FB, SR, TBU)

K1 AND K2: 10 AEB pictures, 10 video clips

  • Pictures: do a CINEMATIC AERIAL with time planning pictures to showcase the house feature, replace some of the pictures with lower pictures
  • Video: do a CINEMATIC AERIAL and replace some of the higher shots with lower shots. Do more low FB, FO

K3: 15 AEB pictures, 15 video clips

  • Pictures: do a K2 but add 5 more unique photos that are closer in, or showing some unique features
  • Video: do a K2 but add 5 more unique videos highlighting key areas, generally low FB around features, or a FO, FF, STR


Data Upload

We will provide you with a link to a web portal to upload the data. Make sure that you remember which SD card, or which files are for the correct listing on a given day when there multiple missions.

We ask that the files are renamed and filtered by the pilot to be representative of the numbers above, or some more to provide extra content. Use the acronym of the shot you did. If the shots are shaky, or too fast, or over exposed, either delete them, or mark them with an X in front for extras. Please also number the clips, for example if there is a opening shot, label it with '1 -' before the name, if there is a closing shot, label is '10 -' before the name.

Ex. ' 10 - BFO'  or  EX. 'x - FBU 2'