We oFfer engaging media to help with your marketing needs

Why Aerials?

Aerial photography and videography is proven to set you apart from the competition and engage your audience. It generates more clicks, shares, likes, tweets... and is often the better way to capture what you want to present to the world. Our passion for using drones started and continues with the unique and creative perspectives we can capture. Stunning aerial shots, as well as dynamic low altitude flying, steps any project up to a new level; from movie production, advertising, corporate to lifestyle videos.

Cloud9Drones Capabilities

We deploy leading edge drones and camera sensors with skilled pilots and camera operators. It all depends on the project. We do not only specialize in aerials... we also deploy MoVi gimbals for high end ground work that a drone could not capture.

Our team is also part of a larger production house when we need to tackle larger and higher production projects.

Specific aerial camera capabilities go from the basics to the Sony A7RII, RED DRAGON, and 360 VR.