Our team of aviators and UAS enthusiasts have over 30 years of combined drone experience. From custom drone development and testing to partner engagements, operations, data analysis, legal guidance and financial analysis... we can help you get a UAS deployed in your business cost effectively.

Benefit Assessment and Feasibility Study

Get started with our most popular 3 stage consulting service.


Stage 1: 

Benefit and Feasibility Assessment

Stage 2: 

Technology Sourcing and Recommendation

Stage 3:

End-to-End Solution and Real-World Testing

Our team will work with your key stakeholders to determine if drones are a viable option in your business. Through our industry and company research we will first focus on the following questions:

  • Is deploying a UAS economically and technologically feasible at your company?
  • How will your company benefit from UAS technology?

Provided the feasibility assessment for UAS technology at your company is realistic, our team will proceed to the second stage. Working together with your company we will determine a list of the requirements, and using our extensive industry knowledge and experience our team will match your company needs with an appropriate custom or off-the-shelf UAS recommendation. This will include recommended UAS platforms, sensor systems, charging stations, ground stations, transport cases, and software products. By this point we will provide your company with a initial benefit and feasibility study report including our research, proposed solution and cost/benefit analysis.

In the third stage, by performing iterative real-world testing with your companies stakeholders, we will deliver an end to end UAS solution matched to your companies needs. Each use case will involve experimentation in order to source the most economical and practical UAS technology. A significant amount of customization may also be required to meet specific requirements. By being in the field, our team will capture real world data to demonstrate the feasibility and impact of the proposed solution. The complete final package will include the actual end to end customized and tested UAS solution, the collected data and required software packages, a detailed BOM, construction and usage manual and the Stage 1 and 2 reports.

Full Integration and Deployment Service

Validation Testing, Manual Development, Training and Certification, Professional Services

Validation Testing

This service further validates the UAS system for reliability, serviceability and maintainability. The solution will undergo a test plan that will include electronic and avionics testing and endurance and durability flight testing under various conditions.


Deploying a UAS requires consistency and dependability – much like what you would expect from manned aircraft operations. Without operations and maintenance programs, UAS operations are little more than hobbyist experiments. Our manuals are customized to your UAS operations and include:

  • Operating procedures and safety requirements
  • Maintenance instructions and calendars
  • Battery charging guides
  • Pre and post-flight checklists
  • Troubleshooting guides

Training and Certification

For each new UAS operation, we allocate significant time to training your employees to safely and effectively operate and maintain your UAS technology. The training is typically conducted at your operations sites. Students will be prepared for FAA defined certifications.

Professional Services

For larger scale deployments we offer other services such as:

  • Partnerships with UAS System manufacturers for volume pricing
  • Training for larger teams including video courses
  • Quarterly onsite reviews to evaluate and tweak program effectiveness and advise on emerging technologies

Aerial Data Capture and Analysis


We realize that many companies will not want to manage their own drone operations. For these instances you can deploy the C9D Operations Team.

We deploy FAA certified commercial pilots with extensive drone operating experience, under comprehensive insurance coverage and with strict operating procedures. After we perform an initial benefit assessment and feasibility study, our operations team will have a clear understanding of your requirements and how to collect, analyze and present your data most efficiently. 

C9D specializes in tower services and can collect varying types of data. Our team will work with you to capture the data that you care about. Once you are satisfied, our operations can expand as needed.

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