Cloud9Operator Basic Information Form

Cloud9Drones is a leading drone solutions company that is also part of a larger organization doing high volume drone operations in real-estate, mapping, inspections, and marketing. The majority of our current missions are in real-estate. On average our higher volume jobs take up to 1 hour on site and pay out between $50-$100 per mission and mileage when there is a significant amount of driving. We strive to have operators that can regularly take on several missions a day, or several a week. Our team will take care of most of the logistics, client communication, and data processing. All we need our pilots to do is maintain their equipment, carry drone liability insurance (which we can help with), capture high quality data (based on our training) and be professional when on-site. Often due to our clients, the jobs may pop up with only 1 day notice, so a flexible schedule is a big plus. We also require using certain drone apps to carry out some work.

Only fill out this form if you are content with the above terms.

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