Drone Aerial Inspections

We offer Enterprise Data Solutions to help Companies make better business decisions

Cell Towers, Fiber

Powerlines, Pipelines

Prospecting, Tracking

Roofs, Severe Weather

- Why Aerial Data?

Reliable, repeatable, affordable, real world data captured for your critical assets, presented with industry specific analytics, will have significant implications to your companies bottom line.


- What are the challenges of effective in-house drone adoption?


Only continuous field experience exposes the challenges with scalability, operational efficiency, safety, compliance. 


Rapidly evolving technology with a large learning curve and few affordable enterprise off-the-shelf solutions.


Time intensive, complex, restrictive legal process is challenging to navigate if you are new to it all.



Converting large data sets into actionable business insight is a large, complex, time consuming task.


- What data are we capturing and what are the applications?

High Spacial Resolution Imaging

Images up to 50MP can be captured and used for various visual audits. Difficult to access, tall, continuous, or remote assets can be imaged more cost effectively than existing methods. Detailed imagery can be captured to monitor asset health for maintanence purposes or monitor construction

Mapping and MODELING

High accuracy surveys, aerial images, photogrammetry and LIDAR. Frequent aerial imaging allows change detection and project updates for new construction and repairs. Aerial views for effective right of way prospecting and minimizing payouts to damages. Rendered maps and 3D models for high precision measurements and volumetrics.

Gas and other Sensor payloads

Monitor leaks and manage safety. Measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs), methane and CO2.

Perform cell network optimization with our multi-band RF transreceiver payloads.


Thermal / Infrared / Multi-spectral

Access valuable data beyond the visual spectrum. Multiple spot check temperature readings on your remote assets to determine critical points and establish maintenance plans.


Cloud9Drones Capabilities

Data Services and Integration

Data capture, processing, analysis and reporting

Conversion of captured large data sets into useful, actionable results is fundamental to effective drone deployment. We can assist with resource intensive data processing and analysis, as well as data reporting with feature rich software (includes annotations, measurements, historical change detection)

Field Services

FAA Exempt, Certified, Insured, Experienced Drone Pilots

Contract us to perform some, or all, of your operations safely and cost effectively. We offer a fleet of registered and insured aircraft, with various sensor payloads, and a network of FAA certified drone pilots



Custom Solutions

Drone Hardware and Software Development

Different solutions are required for different industries. We develop comprehensive enterprise drone solutions based on your needs. Our solutions target ease of deployment, efficiency, affordability, and safety focused on providing useful and accessible data through software.

Integration Partnerships

Solution Development, Training, Maintenance, Support

There are a lot of components to succesfull drone adoption. Our team can colloborate closely with your company to develop the right solution based on your requirements. The process also includes assisting in operations, establishing operational procedures, pilot training, and aircraft maintenance and support programs.