Cloud9Operator Drone Skills Training

Please use your drone of choice, as a single operator, to capture the following video clips and pictures. Feel free to perform multiple attempts and only send us your best one. These shots are the shots that we will refer to in our Real-Estate Missions. If our team thinks that you need more practice, we will let you know.

Warning: Try these shots at your own risk. If you do not think you are ready to perform these shots, get more hours of practice at a nearby park. Cloud9Drones does not take any responsibility for any damage that may occur during this process.

Please submit your video clips and photos at the link provided to you in the email.

Video Clip Legend and Naming

  • Scrape-Reveal (SR)
  • Flyover-Reveal (FR)
  • Towndown Boom-Up (TBU)
  • Topdown Flyover (TFVR)
  • Strafe-Boom (SB)
  • Forward Flyout (FF)
  • Boom-Up (BU)
  • Strafe (STR)
  • Arc (ARC)
  • Flyout (FO)
  • Flyback (FB)
  • Flyover (FVR)

Focus on short clips under 15 seconds and slow, smooth, movements while showcasing the subject you are shooting.


Start from one side of your subject and smoothly fly a straight path to the other side of the subject at a fixed altitude while maintaining the camera facing forward.


Start low, show some sky, throttle up at a constant or slightly increasing rate, tilt the camera down smoothly to end


Start in close and fly out backwards while climbing in altitude. Try to fly out at a 30 degree angle if possible. Watch out to clear any trees. This shot starts in close on a feature, or the back or front of a property and reveals the location and view.

ARc High

This is basically a section of a point of interest shot. Start from one angle and arc around to another angle around the subject, making sure minimize jerky yaw movements.


Same as above, but at a lower altitude. You can start adjusting the altitude to make the shot more dynamic.



Simply fly the drone straight keeping the horizon at a the top 1/3rd of the frame for the whole shot.

TOpDown Flyover

Fly over the point of interest with the camera tilted completely down. Let the POI enter and exit the frame.


Forward Flyout

Start with your POI framed and fly out and away through a opening, to reveal the view beyond.


This is a zipline flown backwards between 2 connectable points in space keeping the camera facing forward. Fly to the starting point, throttle back smoothly flying towards yourself.

Flyover Reveal

Flyover the subject starting with the tilt at about 45 degrees down and slowly tilting up as you fly forward, finishing with the horizon at 1/3rd of the frame.

TopDown Boom-UP

With the camera facing down completely, start low and climb up fairly fast. You can add a subtle spin for a extra dynamic shot.

Scrape Reveal

Start low in front of a open space (water, field, long drive) and fly forward towards a POI or view and climb as you approach the POI.

Strafe Boom

Start low and framed on the subject, fly to one side with the camera facing forward and climb.


Frame the photos to show the subject while following the rule of thirds when possible.