About Us

FAA 333 Exemption

Our FAA Section 333 Exemption puts us among the top companies nation wide that are currently able to operate legally in the US. Attaining this approval is not a trivial task and requires deep understanding of the Federal Aviation Regulations. It also mandates the use of  FAA licensed pilots, comprehensive drone insurance, and strict operational procedures. These all ensure that our operations are of the highest safety and professionalism.


The first drone start-up out of Austin, Texas

Cloud9Drones LLC is a leading edge drone company focusing on enterprise drone solutions to provide aerial data for industry. We began with a passion for aerial videography, however as we continue that passion, the technologists within us led to forming a company driven to put drones to work in todays rapidly emerging market. As we develop a deep understanding of the industries we focus on, we develop and provide comprehensive aerial data solutions to help businesses best benefit from this technology.


Working at Cloud9

We are constantly searching for FAA certified drone pilots with an interest in drone operations. Our training programs put pilots through thorough flight training by an FAA Commercially Licensed Chief UAS Pilot. We prepare you for both creative and industrial work.